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January by fae-photography

You've managed to get an expression in this portrait that just goes straight into the camera, out of the screen and into whoever is viewing it. I don't think people are aware of how difficult this can be. I find myself wondering what's in the model's mind in this shot.

Having the hair blow to the side and composing with the face just a bit off-center gives a nice balance and direction. The light is just right, giving some slight shadows to the side of the face that's in the direction of the wind. The use of a shallow depth of field is done in a tasteful manner; the background isn't completely blown out, but just enough to lead the attention straight to the model's face.

I actually like the crop cutting slithgly into the hair. In fact, I would probably have liked it even better if it was done even a bit more.

In conclusion, this image has something that just speaks to me. It stands out, with the use of subtle things that are just right. The expression in your face draws me in and just captures my attention instantly.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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